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What Are The Types of Trash Cans

by Kristine

The first appearance of garbage was in the 19th century, but since then, it has grown beyond borders. It all started in England, persuading residents to empty garbage weekly, and was soon joined by the United States. Today, there are different types of garbage bins with their respective features and advantages. A good example of these bins is the 96 gallon trash can useful for taking in large amounts of dirt over time. Numerous types have launched overtime, and each has people that buy them because of our different needs. In this guide we will go over each of the garbage bin types.

Traditional steel garbage

This was the pioneer type of trash can that became popular. They are still relevant today because of their durability, even as a lot of plastic trash cans are now available. Your steel trash can will perform well under severe and normal temperatures, with no obvious signs of damages. Most times, the steel trash can will have a capacity of containing dirt of up to thirty two gallons.

Outdoor garbage

The outdoor garbage is one of the most common garbage options in vogue today. These plastic cans usually have handles at the top and can hold up to two large garbage nylons. Because plastic is the main material, there is a limit to the weather conditions you can leave it in. Your best bet is to place the garbage in a place where you can have a small shade. Most of these garbage have covers at the top to take care of lurking animals.

Rolling garbage

If you love comfort, then the Rolling garbage bin is the best garbage option you can have. Also made majorly with plastic, all you have to do with this garbage is to roll it close to your door when you want to empty your indoor garbage and roll it back to its position. This process will reduce the amount of dirt that falls to the ground. You can buy the metal type of this rolling garbage to make sure you have something that lasts long. This will cost more, but it is a good investment.

Step on Garbage

Most of the time, the step on model of bins are created for indoor use. However, the convenience of these bins is something you can find useful in the outside garbage. This way, you can hold as much as two garbage bags at once and simply step on the lid below to empty it. Most times, you can not use these bin types for commercial garbage bins. Commercial bins are usually created with metals and usually have the 96 gallon capacity to clear much dirt at a go.


Garbage bins are not like every other commodity that we buy every day. Typically, we buy them and use them for decades, and it is until they develop a problem before we think of changing the trash can. That is why it is better to understand the different types of garbage bags before you make that purchase of any option. Some are for business and industrial use, while others are for personal consumption. We have described some of the most common options but you can do more research before choosing one.

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